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First day of shadowing on the unit was Saturday evening.

Today was my second day of orientation on the unit and I’m assigned 5 patients. Getting a hang of the computers and everything already.



At my new place, the nurses put in IV’s!!!!! And pull out PICC lines, etc! I’m so excited! Get to practice and insert IV’s now :).
Old place-not allowed. Boo!
Finished with general orientation. Going to Disney for a few days soon, when I get back, I can start orientating on the unit. :)


Hugs everywhere.

Went to old work to get my check and visited some of the staff. All the hugs!!!!!! They all said they missed me. I miss them too. My favorite Cnas were there. ☺️ residents (alert and oriented ones) even missed me and hugged me. 😊
Making a difference in people’s lives feels good.



Just gave my 2 weeks notice to the DON. She was like “is this what I think it is” and in my head I was like YASSSSSS!!!! I’m leaving this place!!!
But I said yup, got offered a position somewhere else. And she said ‘sorry to see you go’.
Now I’m on my 2 weeks vacation from there because I didn’t want to lose it.