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So I have that respiratory bug going around. Got prescribed amoxicillin liquid bc I can’t swollow pills. And it has a horrible after taste. Just stuffed a cookie in my mouth to make it go away. Nope it didn’t. 10 more days of this nasty stuff.


rxnfmtn asked: Hello! I am a recent New Grad looking for a job. Do you have any advice on how to write a cover letter and letter of intent? What should i include? How should i go about writing them?

Hi and congrats! I looked on Google for templates and examples of cover letters and resumes for nurses/graduate nurses.

The places I was hired at didn’t look at my resume, just my application and recent work experience/ education.
In senior year of nursing school, our professors had us make resumes and they helped us edit them. So I basically used that when I graduated and passed my nclex to find a job.

For your resume, Include the places you had clinical at and the speciality you were in at those places. I included my education, degree, gpa, volunteer experience, and previous work experience (which was non medical related). Just make sure your resume is only one page long.

As for cover letters, I’m still working on how to write a good one. So Google is what I recommend.
Other people might say different things to include in a resume/cover letter. That’s just my version. Hope I helped.

Good luck! Don’t be discouraged that you didn’t get the job that you wanted. I wanted a hospital job but no one wanted a new grad here. So I applied to rehabs/nursing homes. As long as you get experience, you’ll find yourself a great job in the future. That’s what I’m trying to do at the moment.


Advice to new nursing students/nursing students.


I made a post a while ago with my advice for new nursing students. :)

Here is the link:

Advice to new nursing students/nursing students.

If you have any questions about anything not stated here, or anything at all, feel free to leave me a message!

Reblogging for all you new nursing students.

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