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Just had an interview at another skilled nursing facility since no hospitals have been calling me back. Got offered a job!
I’m glad to be leaving the place I currently work at. I’ll be on a short term unit at the new place!


mafraaa asked: Your blog is awesomeđź‘Ť thanks for the posts. I have a question. I'm a RN from the Philippines but right now im working as a nanny in KSA, i will go home in 9mos & im planning to take NCLEX. I just want to ask whether its possible to pass it doing self-study? Cuz i have 9mos free to study so im wondering if thats enough with the right materials or do i need to go to a review center? Im worried cuz since i passed last 2011 i didnt do anything thats nsg related. Thanks.

Hi. I self studied. If you look through one of my posts where I explained what I used to study and how I studied, that should help. after I graduated, I took a vacation and didn’t study for a month, then when I came back, all I did was study. And passed the first time. I think you should study the most for a month and no longer. Because you really can’t remember everything, and the nclex tests you on anything and everything. A lot of the things I was tested on, I barely remembered it. They don’t test you on simple questions and answers. They make you think critically and test you in the “nclex world not the real world” as my professors would tell us all the time.
Good luck!