Hi and welcome to my tumblr! I'm a registered nurse and I post nursing material (notes, diagrams, etc) that I find helpful and useful to share with others. The photographs (food and nursing related) are mine unless otherwise stated. Feel free to 'Ask' me anything or want to just say 'Hi'! Thanks! :)


Mini update.

Hi! Works going good. Still on orientation. Passing meds by myself, nursing notes, documenting, and taking care of lots of patients. It’s going well though. Still learning how to do things and how this place functions…no computers! I’m so used to documenting on computers, using automatic vital sign machines, electronic beds, monitors, and etc! Everything is on paper…everything is…different than what we’re all used to-no electronic machines.

Sorry haven’t updated, but I do check my tumblr everyday when I get home.
When I do have some free time, I’ll post some nursing material for you guys!

Working full time is a lot of work, but it’s going great. :)

& Thanks for the messages you guys have been sending me. Glad my tumblr and material can help!

Also, good luck on finals! Study hard! Don’t get too stressed out! You know the material!!!! ¬†BREATHE!!!

I’m here if you have any questions :)

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