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shortiejulee asked: Hey! What would you tell those who are balancing nursing school and work?

Hi! Thanks for the message.
When I was in nursing school, I worked at the school’s library during days I had classes (which was everyday). I didn’t have a outside job because I thought it would be hard with studying for exams and staying focused. I worked between classes and after classes. I was lucky enough that my boss understood the stress that nursing students had while studying that she would sometimes let us bring study materials if we had downtime while working.
I think it’s really up to the person on how they are while working and going to school full time.
I knew a lot of nursing students who worked part time while going to school, and they all did well.
Just be sure you don’t over work. You need the time to study and rest your body. Maybe just work on weekends and spend the weekdays focused on school. The days you don’t have classes, you can pick up a shift or just spend time with yourself/relax/ or be with friends.


katsbigyear asked: Hi there! Do you work in the US? I'm really intrigued that as an RN, you can't start IVs in your facility.

Hi! Yes, I work in the US. At the skilled nursing facility that I work at, there were a lot of nurses (RNs and LPNs) who worked there for many many years who have never been IV certified. The facility and director of nursing (DON) never certified them. I asked the previous and current DON many times when were they going to send me to IV certification class and they just put it off. I think it’s because it costs the facility a lot of money to train/certify us.

I had always had to call another nurse who was IV certified to come hang my IV meds, flush them, change the dressings, etc. But finally, I can start to do them myself. I wish the previous DON certified me when I first started working there.

Hopefully in the near future: I get a job in a hospital, learn more & gain more experience as a nurse, and also put IV’s in. :)


IV class

Had my first IV class at the facility (skilled nursing facility) I work at. Been working there for a while and finally got certified today to hang IV’s and flush IV’s. Each facility has their own rules on IV’s and policies/procedures and mine is strict even though I’m an RN.
Best part of the class was inserting an IV in a practice arm. We can’t insert IV’s where I work but now I can hang and flush them. :)
At the end of class, the instructor recommended feeling and finding/looking at veins. I want to practice inserting IV’s allll the time now!! I wish I had this experience earlier in my career. Hope I can further my practice/experience in inserting IV’s in the near future.
Veins veins veins!!

Also, I had asked the current director of nursing (DON) and previous DON’s to be IV certified and they all put it off. Many of the nurses who have been working there for many years aren’t certified because the company didn’t want to pay for us to be certified. So I’m thankful to the current DON that she got us all certified today.